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Tip of the Day

If you’ve just injured your neck:
Contact your physician ASAP if you are currently having any: dizziness, loss of balance, nausea, light headiness, difficulty concentrating, severe headaches, pain or numbness/tingling in fact or down your arm, hand or arm weakness or struck your head during the incident.

  • Ice
  • Rest- you may find that supporting your neck with a towel roll is helpful
  • Focus on deep breathing while relaxing your neck muscles.
  • Work on gentley turning head side to side, but stop with any pain or pinching


Early intervention typically results in a quicker recovery; contact us today to schedule an evaluation.

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Moscow Mountain Sport & Physical Therapy
904 White Ave
Moscow, ID 83843

Phone: 208 882 1426
Fax: 208 882 1428
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